by Faruk Kara - Autumn colour

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If you value Magog Down and would like to help keep it open for all to enjoy, why not contribute towards the costs of upkeep by making a donation or becoming a Friend? Friends also park for Free! (For other visitors, a daily charge of £3 is now in force.)

It costs £15 per year for an Individual to be a Friend, or £25 for a Family subscription (entitled to two car parking stickers). There is more information on our Join Us page, or just click on the link below to sign up.


Magog Down is managed largely by Volunteers: Trustees who give their time freely, and many others who help with various practical tasks, whether as a regular commitment or on an occasional basis. Nevertheless, annual upkeep costs around £50-60,000, only a small portion of which is met by government grants.

Birds AND Bees!

The Bird Club came across this settled swarm of bees in a hedgerow.

bees_6may2017_crop_453Photo by Mike Foley

Pasque Flower

One of our Friends sent us this beautiful picture of some Pasque Flowers taken in amongst the Cowslips in May 2016.pasqueflower_jb_may2016_crop_453

Photo by Jill Butler

Beautiful butterflies

This fabulous photo from 2019 has been identified as a Brown Argus butterfly (judging by the patterns on both underwings). Our butterfly survey expert had seen one or two that year, but says it's never easy to tell them apart from the female Common Blues unless you get a good view like the one in this photo.

brown_argus_by_peter_ward_453Photo by Dr Peter Ward

More Autumn Colour

Sometimes the weather conditions are just right to show off some beautiful Autumn Colour, and 31st October 2016 was one of those times, with a fabulous quality to the afternoon sunlight. We're delighted that Faruk Kara has again sent in some samples of what he captured on Magog Down with his camera that afternoon:


autumncolour2016_fk2_453Photos by Faruk Kara

Perspective on Development

Lying just South of Cambridge's southern boundary, Magog Down offers a fine view of the city: in this photo taken at Easter 2016, the foreground shows dogs and owners enjoying our off-lead play area, Fair Field, while the massive building site of the Cambridge Biomedical Campus is visible not far away.easter2016_view_nr_crop_453Photo by Nick Robinson

Plants in Close Up

Visitor Tina Abbott sent in these lovely close-up shots in 2014 of some of the interesting plants that grow on Magog Down.tinaabbot_collage_453Photos by Tina Abbot

Send in your photos

We're always delighted to receive pictures taken on and from Magog Down, which we can use on our website, or potentially on other publicity materials.

We've created this page to showcase some of the pictures from our visitors. If you'd like to send in any you have taken, please use the dedicated email address: photos 'at'

We can't promise to use them all, and we do rely on you kindly allowing us to use them for free. We will always credit you by name, unless of course you tell us that you don't want that.

Maximum size we use for the website is 1000 pixels wide.

Frosty Morning

Phil Hadfield sent in this stunning photo of the sunrise on 1st December 2016: the first official day of Winter! Brrrrr.
Photo by Phil Hadfield

Kite flying

Magog Down is famously windy on account of its position and height compared to the surrounding countryside. Many visitors take advantage of this to try out their skills at kite flying.magog_down_kite_flying_may_2013_453
Photo by Miranda Fyfe

Permitted Activities

Kite flyers need to take care not to cause a danger or annoyance to others.

Please check out the Rules of the Down to be sure whether your planned activity is within the range of what is permitted, or whether you may need to seek permission from the Governors of The Magog Trust first.

Autumn Colour

This wonderful picture was taken in late October 2015; it shows the view towards Linton Water Tower on the horizon, and the strip sown for bird seed is clearly visible as a brown wedge. (For more about the bird seed strip, see our news item from August 2015.)
Photo by Faruk Kara

Photo by Faruk Kara