Magog Down

Bag it and Bin it!

There are ten bins for dog waste dotted around the site, and these are emptied by our contractor twice a week. The contract does not include picking up "stray" poo from the paths - we rely on responsible owners to bag and bin it themselves.

Courtesy of DogsTrust: "Scooper Hero" poster competition winner

Thank you for taking the time to place your own dog's poo in these bins, and thus helping to keep the paths clear for all visitors.

Finding Magog Down

Magog Down, off Haverhill Road, Stapleford, has a large signposted car park and cycle racks.  It is accessible by cycle and foot via the cycle track from the Babraham Road Park and Ride site (where there are toilet facilities) and from Stapleford on the multi-use path.

There is a bus stop near the entrance to Wandlebury with pedestrian access near the stop. For those with reduced mobility there are designated parking bays. The easy access path, opened by Prof Stephen Hawking in 1999, giving access to a superb viewpoint over Cambridge, is shown on the main noticeboard.

November 2017: Note that Google Maps currently shows the postcode as CB22 3AE, but that is wrong; the nearest postcode to Magog Down car park entrance is in fact CB22 5FX. See grid reference.

Our location


In addition to the main car park entrance, there are pedestrian gates at either end of the Public Footpath which runs diagonally across the North Down: so one gate near Gog Magog Cottages on Haverhill Road, and the other gate is on the A1307, nearly opposite the entrance to Wandlebury, and close to the bus stop.

PLEASE do not climb over perimeter fences in your haste to take a short-cut to wherever you may be going!

We've seen damaged fences resulting from some people apparently taking short-cuts. Not only are the resulting fence repairs costly and time-consuming, the possibilty of dogs escaping onto the busy A1307 is a great worry.  Please stick to the official routes.

Car Park Opening Times

CURRENT: Winter opening:
late October - mid February:  8am - 5pm

Spring opening:
mid February - end April      8am - 6pm

Summer opening:
beg May - late October    8am - 8pm

Parking for free?

Parking has so far always been free on Magog Down, since the site was first opened to the public in 1991.

When current grants finish, a charge will be introduced. Parking will remain free for Friends who subscribe on an annual basis.

You may like to consider becoming a Friend before these changes are made, and so help in the upkeep of this beautiful place.

Support Magog Down

If you'd like to help keep Magog Down open for all to enjoy, why not contribute towards the costs of upkeep by making a donation or becoming a Friend?







Magog Down is managed largely by Volunteers: Trustees who give their time freely, and many others who help with various practical tasks, whether as a regular commitment or on an occasional basis. Nevertheless, annual upkeep costs around £50-60,000, only a small portion of which is met by government grants.