Annual Reviews

Each year we now produce an 'Annual Review' for Friends and Members, which incorporates a summary of our formal Year-end Report, plus what we hope are some interesting highlights of the year in question.

Previous Annual Reviews can be downloaded here:

2020 Annual Review

2019 Annual Review

2018 Annual Review

2017 Annual Review

2016 Annual Review

2015 Annual Review

2014 Annual Review

2013 Annual Review

Members and Friends are sent these annual reviews as soon as they are produced each summer, and have an opportunity to attend our AGM each October and raise any issues.

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Signed Books for sale

Mr Bill Clark, who was Head Warden of Wandlebury Country Park  between  1973 – 1998, has kindly offered ten signed copies of his autobiography “Route and Branch” for sale at the discounted price of £10 each (RRP is £16). These books would make an excellent Christmas present, and all monies raised will be donated to the Magog Trust and put towards the ongoing upkeep of Magog Down.

About the book
Beginning with his pre-war childhood in Bedfordshire, Bill Clark takes us through six decades of dramatic change: socially, in agriculture and most importantly, in our natural environment.routeandbranchfrontcoversmall_180
Through his eyes, we see a boy growing up in a traditional farming background, where sparrows were pests, rabbits a good meal and horses provided real horsepower. Bill takes us from unexploded bombs, via birds to bulls: from his first tractor to proficiency with a rifle to bag "one for the pot" in Essex and Buckinghamshire.
Following Bill, we see the gradual decline to our natural diversity, which kindles a growing interest in conversation. When Bill becomes Warden at Wandlebury, the rifle gives way to taking care of increasingly rare plants and wildlife at this historic site.
A book for all lovers of history, farming, tractors, bulls, bats, bees, dogs, beeches, snowdrops and many more.

Magog Down connection
Bill Clark has close connections with Magog Down, having been an early supporter and regular volunteer in practical tasks on the Down.  Indeed, it was Bill Clark who cycled around the North Down broadcasting cowslip seeds many years ago, so that wonderful spring-time sight of the cowslips which we all enjoy now is largely down to Bill and his bicycle!

To buy one of these signed copies of Bill Clark’s book contact, or telephone 07774 084 595; books can be picked up from Verger’s Cottage by prior arrangement, or posted within the UK for an additional £4.00.

November 2015

Old Newsletters

Up until 2011 we produced a twice-yearly Newsletter, and you can still download copies of some of these here:

pdf_logo_smallSpring/Summer 2011

pdf_logo_smallAutumn/Winter 2010

Spring 2010

Autumn/Winter 2009

Spring 2009

In 2011 the re-designed website was launched, and so the decision was taken to stop producing these Newsletters, and instead to use this website as the main means of communication for news and articles of interest.

This move away from a regular Newsletter meant that more of the Members' and Friends' subscriptions could be spent directly on the costs of upkeep and husbandry on the Down.

We would love every regular visitor to Magog Down to help support its upkeep by becoming a Friend. Read more on our Join Us page, and then complete the application form.