Annual Reviews

Each year we now produce an 'Annual Review' for Friends and Members, which incorporates a summary of our formal Year-end Report, plus what we hope are some interesting highlights of the year in question.

The previous few Annual Reviews can be downloaded here:

2018 Annual Review

2017 Annual Review

2016 Annual Review

2015 Annual Review

2014 Annual Review

2013 Annual Review

Members and Friends are sent these annual reviews as soon as they are produced each summer, and have an opportunity to attend our AGM each October and raise any issues.

If you would like to become a Friend, you can read more on our Join Us page, and then complete the application form.








News from the Down

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Magog Trust

Our neolithic heritage

13th May 2012

Our neolithic heritage causewayed enclosures were constructed as places where chieftains or priests held revelries to help…read more

Magog Trust

We say goodbye to Ann Taylor

10th Apr 2012

We say goodbye to Ann Taylor who has been our Administrative Assistant for sixteen years. When Ann joined, records were on…read more

Magog Trust

Woodland Management

31st Mar 2012

The Govenors of the Magog Trust have a continuing commitment to the communities of South Cambridgeshire and to the many users…read more

Magog Trust

Volunteers Needed

13th Mar 2012

Locking the car park gates overnight has helped prevent  various forms of anti-social behaviour that used to occur,…read more

Magog Trust

Toadstools found forming rings in the woods on Magog Down

6th Dec 2011

Bitter Poison Pie Hebeloma sinapizans. Several species of Hebeloma are known as Poisonpie toadstools with descriptive names…read more

Magog Trust

Living Landscape vision

22nd Nov 2011

The Gog Magog Living Landscape vision aims to create an inter-connected network of species-rich chalk grassland and other…read more

Magog Trust

The brand new Magog Down web site has been launched!

14th Nov 2011

The clearly and simply designed site has been developed in conjunction with Stapleford-based design agency CBA Design &…read more

Magog Trust

Major works starting in 2012

16th Sep 2011

In 2009 a non-invasive archaeological survey, commissioned by English Heritage, confirmed the presence of a Middle Neolithic…read more

Magog Trust

Managing the perimeter path and hedgerow for walkers and wildlife

31st Aug 2011

An important part of the funding for the Magog Down comes from our Stewardship Scheme grant which is financed by DEFRA. …read more

Magog Trust

Grassland Habitat Creation

22nd Aug 2011

20 years ago the North Down was sown with a mix of wild flowers and grasses. Many will remember the masses of Ox-eye Daisy…read more

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Old Newsletters

Up until 2011 we produced a twice-yearly Newsletter, and you can still download copies of some of these here:

pdf_logo_smallSpring/Summer 2011

pdf_logo_smallAutumn/Winter 2010

Spring 2010

Autumn/Winter 2009

Spring 2009

In 2011 the re-designed website was launched, and so the decision was taken to stop producing these Newsletters, and instead to use this website as the main means of communication for news and articles of interest.

This move away from a regular Newsletter meant that more of the Members' and Friends' subscriptions could be spent directly on the costs of upkeep and husbandry on the Down.

We would love every regular visitor to Magog Down to help support its upkeep by becoming a Friend. Read more on our Join Us page, and then complete the application form.