Sheep in the paddocks

Car Park Opening Times

CURRENT: Winter opening:
late October - mid February:  8am - 5pm

Spring opening:
mid February - end April      8am - 6pm

Summer opening:
beg May - late October    8am - 8pm








Frequently Asked Questions

We've compiled a selection of answers to some of the questions we are often asked. If you have any further questions not covered here, do of course get in touch (see our Contact page). Please bear in mind that the Trustees are all Volunteers, and that paid administrative support is very part-time and a bit ad hoc - so while we do endeavour to get back to you promptly whenever possible, we are not always able to respond quickly.

Do check out our Privacy Policy here for the details regarding how we process personal information.

The reference list below shows what questions are answered on the sub-pages of this section.


Can I play ball games, or fly a kite, on Magog Down?
Can I fly a drone on or around Magog Down?

Can I hold an Event on Magog Down?
Can I hold workshops on Magog Down as part of my business?
Can I sell my goods or charge for my services on Magog Down?

Can I bring a group of students to study on Magog Down?
Can I bring a minibus onto the site?


When is my subscription due?
What are the subscription rates?
My husband and I are both over 60 – should we pay £25 or £24?
When will the rates go up?
Can I pay by cheque?
Can I pay by Standing Order or by Direct Debit?
Can I pay by Direct Credit or Online Banking?
Can I pay by Charities Aid Foundation (CAF) voucher?
When will I get a new Car Park sticker?
I've received a Car Park sticker I don't need - what should I do?

What is the difference between a Friend and a Member?
How can I become a Member?
My Family bought a "Gog" certificate - does that make us Members


Can I scatter my loved one’s ashes?
Can I erect a plaque in memory of my loved one?
Can I plant a commemorative tree on the Down?
Can I sponsor a seat?

Become a Friend

We would love each regular visitor to Magog Down to help us in to look after this special piece of countryside year after year by becoming a Friend.

The annual costs to become a Friend and support us:

♦ Individual £15.00
♦ Concession £12.00
♦ Family £25.00



That's as little as 48p per weekly visit throughout the year for an entire family!

Your regular contribution will help us to keep this spot beautiful, today and in years to come.

There is a Car Park, a Ranger service, paths upkept as well as wide provision for dog walkers including nearly 2.5 miles off-lead dog walk and two dog play area as well as dog bin facilities, emptied twice weekly. Additionally there are seats, picnic areas, easy access paths and cycle racks.

All this is privately owned, maintained and managed by the Magog Trust, a charitable company. It costs around £50,000 a year to run.

Please download and complete the application form to become a Friend, and send it to us, today. Or, if you prefer to set up a Direct Debit you can now do this via CAF Online.

Don't want to commit?

If you prefer to just make a one-off donation, that's very welcome too. You can use our form for this, or you can Donate via CAF using a card or by DD.