Health & Safety

All visitors to Magog Down should acquaint themselves with the points below.

  • Follow Government Covid-19 advice and all Magog Trust signage.
  • Be aware of other vehicles, people and dogs when you are in the car park area.
  • Keep dogs on leads when in the car park and other areas indicated by signs.  Dogs must be under control at all times.
  • Dog owners, please clear up dog faeces and use the bins provided.  Dog faeces are a health hazard.
  • Take care on all paths which may be uneven and have exposed tree roots.
  • Beware of falling branches and trees during periods of high winds.
  • Avoid contact with sheep droppings in areas where sheep have grazed.
  • Respect all information signs in areas fenced for conservation reasons and public safety.
  • Some of the berries, plants and fungi on the site are poisonous.
  • Loud bird scarers are sometimes used in the arable field and in adjacent farmland.

Last updated January 2022