A range of flowers in Colins Paddock

Map of the Down

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Wild flowers at Magog Down

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Bird's-foot Trefoil - Lotus corniculatus

Its gay abundance on the south-east slope of the hill should have ensured that Bird’s-foot . Trefoil was noticed by…read more

Blue and Candian Fleabane - Erigeron acer and Erigeron canadensis

Visiting the Down in early September, I found Blue Fleabane in some abundance still flowering amongst the young trees on…read more

Cleavers or Goosegrass - Galium aparine

Cleavers is one of the least attractive members of the family Rubiaceae which contains such favourites as Lady's bedstraw…read more

Coltsfoot - Tussilago farfara

Coltsfoot is one of the earlier flowers to appear on Magog Down. From late February to April you may find scattered clumps…read more

Common Ivy - Hedera helix

Throughout the winter months ivy hs been a prominent feature of the downland landscape, softening the bare outlines of the…read more

Cow Parsley - Anthriscus sylvestris

Towards the end of February I found a single plant of cow parsley already in flower by the car park entrance. Such exceptionally…read more

Cowslip or Paigle - Primula veris

Sitting down to write this in mid-winter it is pleasant to think of spring. And what flowers epitomise that season more than…read more

Dandelion - Taraxacum officinale

This year the first flower to bloom on Magog Down was the dandelion. As early as January it could be found brightening the…read more

Dogwood - Thelycrania (= Cornus) sanguinea

A common shrub of nutrient-rich chalkland in Southern Britain, dogwood is one of the native plants which have been reintroduced…read more

Field Poppy - Papaver rhoeas

From the beginnings of agriculture poppies have brightened our cornfields. Their very name is ancient, coming down to us…read more

Goat's-beard - Tragopogon pratense

A locally common plant of waysides and grassland, goatsbeard is a summer-flowering member of the daisy family (Compositae)…read more

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Pasque Flower

One of our Friends sent us this beautiful picture of some Pasque Flowers taken in amongst the Cowslips in May 2016.pasqueflower_jb_may2016_crop_453

Photo by Jill Butler