Car park closing time moves to 20:00 (8:00 pm) starting on Tuesday 26 March

There is no doubt that we are now well into Spring.  Evenings are becoming longer and will be even more so when British Summer Time commences on Sunday 31 March, i.e. Easter Day.  To reflect this, the car park closing time will change to 20:00 (8:00 pm) on Tuesday 26 March.  This will remain the closing time until mid-September.  As usual, the car park will be unlocked each morning by 08:00.

Please make sure that you leave the car park promptly.  Opening and closing the car park gate is done by volunteers.  In the evenings, whoever is locking up will always check to see if vehicles are still in the car park.  When that occurs, they will have a brief look around to see whether anyone is nearby before locking the gate.  However, we do not expect our volunteers to spend more time waiting for owners to return to their cars.  If a vehicle is left in the car park after the stated closing time, it may well be locked in overnight and you would need to retrieve it the following morning.

You can always check the Blog and News page on the website for the latest opening and closing times.