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Let’s keep Magog Down as a special piece of countryside, together.

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Your impact


Pays to empty two of
the ten dog poo bins we have in the Down.


Pays for one installed
board on the Jane’s
Piece Boardwalk.


Pays for one mowing
of the two dog exercise areas.

Do you come here often? We estimate there are around 60,000 individual visits per year by people enjoying this privately owned space, yet the majority of those visitors have been making no contribution towards the substantial running costs.

A car parking charge of £3 per day was introduced in January 2019 in order to ensure that all visitors are making a contribution.

Become a Friend

Frequent visitors may prefer to Become a Friend and receive a car sticker (or two) which will exempt them from the car parking charge.

Your Options (annual subscription):

Type Subscription Car Stickers
Individual £15.00 One
Family £25.00 Two

* Family subscription is for up to two adults.

Or, download application form.


Love this place as does my dog, plenty of off lead walks and good exercise. Meet some lovely people too. I am a magog fan and contribute yearly to the trust, thank you all who keep this place running.

Alex Dunn

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Your contribution will help us to keep this spot beautiful, today and in years to come.

Please download and complete the application form to become a Friend, and return it to us by post or email. Please allow up to three weeks after your payment for delivery of your car stickers (but do expect a confirmation email within four working days, and check your Spam if you’ve not seen that).

We have no employed staff costs and work hard to keep admin overheads as low as possible, so that nearly all of your annual subscription can go direct towards the day to day maintenance.

There is a Ranger service, paths upkept as well as wide provision for dog walkers including nearly 2.5 miles of off-lead dog walk, two dog exercise areas, and plentiful dog bin facilities which are emptied twice weekly all year round. Additionally there are seats, picnic areas, easy access paths and cycle racks. Not to mention arguably some of the best views in Cambridgeshire!

All this is privately owned, maintained and managed by the Magog Trust, a charitable company. It costs around £50-60,000 a year just for the basic ongoing maintenance, less than half of which is met by external grants.

The Benefits

Unlike the major national charities, we cannot offer a package of exciting benefits in exchange for your Friend subscription! We won’t even send you constant begging letters since we simply don’t have the time or resources to do that; just a few emailed news updates per year is all you’ll get, and if you want them your car sticker/s in the post once a year.

The main Friends’ benefit for a long time has been a lovely warm glow as you walk around Magog Down, knowing that you are personally contributing towards the upkeep of this unique and wonderful place. Compared to that pleasure, the new benefit of saving a few pounds on car parking seems terribly mundane.

Because of the free parking Friends will now be entitled to, we can no longer claim Gift Aid on subscriptions (unless you opt out of having a car sticker, as some of our non-local or car-free Friends do). But any other donations on top of a Friend subscription are eligible for Gift Aid, which we very much welcome.

Friends Of Magog Down

The Friendship campaign was launched in April 2010 and we now have over 2000 Friends who contribute to our work through an annual subscription. This is in addition to the around 250 Members, some of whom have been contributing since the very beginning. (Visit our Magog Trust page for more about Members.)

We would love each visitor to Magog Down to help us look after this special piece of countryside by becoming a Friend of Magog Down.

In 2019 we celebrated the 30th Anniversary of the purchase of Magog Down. Help us to continue to maintain this diverse Chalkland habitat by becoming a Friend if you are not one already. Join us now (downloads our form).

The Magog Down is there for our families and future generations.

So, let’s work together. Join us today

A donation to The Magog Trust (Registered Charity No. 802150) can help us in the restoration of Magog Down and in its maintenance for your enjoyment today, and for future generations.

Please send cheques to the Registered Office address.

Or, download application form.

More Questions?

For further information about our Friends scheme, you may like to check out our Friends and Members – FAQ page.

The Magog Trust

For further information about The Magog Trust, you may like to check out our Magog Trust Page.


Support Woodlands

It costs approximately £30 to maintain 100 trees in any one year.

Currently the Trust has 20,000 trees and shrubs to maintain so each year we need £6,000.00 for this task.

Donations can be made to support the upkeep and maintenance of woods on Magog Down. These funds do, of course, cover costs incurred in thinning, weeding and felling, as the initial major planting schemes have now been completed.

If you would like to support us in this way, please contact us by email, or by writing to the registered address. Your donation will be entered in the Book of Trees and if you wish, we will record whether it marks a special occasion or is made in memory of someone dear.

If you wish the donation to be Gift Aided please complete our donation form. Alternatively, you can pay by card or Direct Debit when you donate via CAF.