Jane’s Piece Boardwalk

As many regular walkers will have noticed, a stretch of 27m of boardwalk has been laid along Jane’s Piece, the permissive path along the SW perimeter of Magog Down, below Little Trees Hill.

This path gets very muddy in winter and is gradually destroying the chalk ground beneath it, and consequently the precious flora growing on the bank next to it.

To prevent further damage, and to make the walk better for users, this walkway was laid in January 2017.

The material used is made from sorted, but otherwise untreated, mixed plastic waste products. It looks like traditional timber, but it is much more convenient and potent for external applications as it can stand against any weathering condition. It is slime-resistant, rot-free, untreated by chemicals so it does not leach contamination into the ground or water-courses. The textured finish and algae resistance reduce the likelihood of slipping and the need for covering with chicken wire, which is not recommended.

Why was it not all boarded? Simply: Cost!

Sponsor a stretch of boardwalk: £40 per board.

If you would  like to help cover the cost of installation, and raise more funds to lengthen this stretch, then we would welcome your donations to sponsor this at £40 per board; that is expensive you may say, and it is. The bill for this stretch of 27m was £5,024.

Any donations, large or small, are welcome. You can use our generic form and just mark your donation “Boardwalk” OR you can Donate via CAF if you want to pay by card or Direct Debit. Thank you!

August 2022 – Specific donations for the boardwalk are no longer required. However, if you wish to make a one-off donation to support Magog Down, please use the online Donate button, situated on the right-hand side of the top menu bar.

“What an improvement”

One of our Friends who has kindly donated towards the cost of the Boardwalk was effusive about how much of a difference this makes to that part of the Down:

“As a regular dog walker at the Magog Down I wanted to let you know what an improvement the new boardwalk has made.  On numerous occasions I have seen people having difficulty with the rough and sometimes slippery terrain and think this new installation will make it safer and more accessible, whilst also protecting the chalk bank. This is why I am very happy to make a donation and hope others will do the same so everyone can enjoy the amazing views”

Existing Friends and Members need not fill in a donation form as we already have your details – just send a cheque or make a payment via online banking, letting us know that you want it to go towards the Boardwalk. Thank you!


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